Grand Harvest Precision Mold (HK) Ltd

About us

1)  Company Profile

Grand Harvest Precision Mold (HK) Ltd was found in 2010, the plant located in Sanzao Town, Jinwan District, Zhuhai, China. This company is specialized in rapid tooling and precision tooling. We comprise a team of the mold engineering design, mold making, quality inspection, plastic molding.

The rapid  tooling period, we can complete and hand the samples to the customer in 5-10 days, it can shorten the development time, let the latest products to enter the market first.

2)  Scope of services

A)  Rapid tooling

What is rapid tooling?

Contrapose our customer product size, quantity to customize our mold. BABY mold for the small product, aluminum mold for the large product, processed by CNC directly.

What is BABY mold/aluminum mold?

BABY mold is the mold specialized use in the Italian brand BABYPLASTmachine, it's small and doesn't need the mold base. Aluminum mold is use the aluminum alloy material for manufacturing mold. Easy turning and rapid processing are the main characteristics.

Why is it fast

We have the professional design and manufacturing team, our BABY mold has got the standard parts except the AB plate. AB plate, the aluminum mold, and the mold base all have the inventory with different sizes available for customer to choose.

The advantage and disadvantage of rapid tooling:


BABY mold can be injected of different materials (such as ABS, PP, PC, PMMA, PE, PBT, POM, PA6, PA66+GF etc.) With different color and different surface. It is a kind of mold between 3D printing and production mold to choose from, can shorten time and save cost at the pro-development for the customer.

BABY molds can also be used for production molds, the cost of the material is 1/3 of the ordinary mold, and injection molding period will be reducing 1/2.


BABY mold can only produce the products within 15G, width range 160*80mm, ejection range within 65mm. Although we can consider the aluminum mold if need to make the large and heavy products, but the shot time only between 2K to 8K.

Our mold also in the new areas development, such as use 3D printing can improve our mold making speed and save the cost.

B)  Production mold

Customer can consider making the production mold after the rapid mold completion. It will be greatly reduced the preliminary design time and also the modification.

Our production mold have hot runner, multi cavities, the harden mold, for extend the mold life also available.

They are applied to all industries, such as consumer electronics, medical, cosmetic, toy and so on...

Grand Harvest also specialized in secondary injection mold, such as lens and front shell injection mold, double color injection mold of TPU and shell, double material injection mold of water-proof TPU and housing...